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“Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze on what lies in front of you.” –Proverbs 4:25
At Progressive Home Health, our mission is to participate as an active part of the community, to provide and continuously improve home health care services to meet the needs of the patient by delivering value driven, high quality compassionate care.

We believe that communication between the patient, family, home-health team and physician is essential for ensuring positive outcomes. We reduce hospital re-admissions by promoting better outcomes for our patients, and we make referrals easy so customers don't have to struggle to get the care they need. 

We also join patients at the hospital to personalize their transition home, promoting smooth continuity of care. Home health visits are then coordinated with the patient's schedule, and are offered in the comfort of their home.

We operate with an emphasis on what we like to call the Three C’s: communication, coordination of care and continuity. 

These three aspects of home health care are critical to ensuring that a patient can recover and return to his or her normal routine as quickly as possible.